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Divorce Mediation – A Way to Effectively Divorce Your Marriage

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation – A Way to Effectively Divorce Your Marriage

Divorce Mediation is the process of working with a licensed divorce mediator or a licensed family law attorney to assist in the settlement of divorce matters. Mediation can be costly, however, with each party usually spending several hundred dollars and sometimes thousands of dollars for each session. Divorce Mediation in Long Island, NY presents a cost-effective means to expedite the divorce process. Long Island Divorce Mediation can begin as soon as one party requests a consultation, although some divorces take longer. In the county of Nassau, Divorce Mediation does not require an attorney referral.

The ideal Divorce Mediation takes place at the Long Island Center of Divorce Mediation located on Hempstead Turnpike in Farmington Hills, Long Island, New York. At the center of Divorce Mediation in Suffolk County, NY, a licensed divorce mediator and attorney have expertise as a recognized divorce mediator, a former litigation lawyer and an experienced marriage and family therapist. The primary objective of the Divorce Mediation is to expedite the mediation process, providing the divorcing spouses an opportunity for discussing all relevant issues with their respective attorneys without having to attend lengthy or expensive court proceedings. The Divorce Mediation also provides an opportunity for the divorcing spouses to review child custody and visitation schedules, obtain modification to their pre-nuptial agreement and other important divorce documents, such as periodic payments and child support. In addition, the Divorce Mediation allows the divorcing spouses to review any financial documents that may be needed for a final settlement. If the parties desire, the Divorce Mediation can be used to review any other issues that are outside the marital residence, such as property ownership and/or property distribution.

Many divorcing couples enjoy the benefits of Divorce Mediation as it provides them with the opportunity to save money and reduce the stress associated with prolonged litigation. Typically, through the use of divorce mediation, the divorcing spouses are able to reach an agreement regarding the major issues, such as child custody, spousal support, property distribution, child support, spousal termination and other key issues. In addition, through divorce mediation, spouses can work out other important issues such as the division of their assets, how to pay their debts, how to change their insurance policies, the division of their children, the division of their marital debts and the division of any other issues that may concern the divorcing couple. Divorce Mediation provides an opportunity for couples to save money, eliminate the fear of trial and eliminate the possibility of being awarded extra money in a settlement.

Many attorneys offer Divorce Mediation. Divorce Mediation can be extremely helpful to couples who prefer to communicate with their attorneys and those who have a difficult time remaining calm during a litigation process. Divorce Mediation is typically provided by the majority of attorneys. Some attorneys offer the service of a single divorce mediator or a small group of divorce mediators. When selecting an attorney to provide Divorce Mediation or a team of attorneys to assist in Divorce Mediation, couples should request information about each mediator’s track record, client reviews and other information regarding his/her professional and personal background.

In many cases, the cost of Divorce Mediation is a deterrent to entering into Divorce Mediation. In addition, there are costs associated with conducting the Divorce Mediation as well. Typically, the cost of Divorce Mediation includes: venue fees, facilitator’s fees, transportation expenses, meals and beverages, and professional appearance fees. The cost of selecting an attorney to conduct Divorce Mediation is also a deterrent to initiating Divorce Mediation.

Long Island Divorce Mediation can be very complex. Because of this, couples who prefer to proceed with litigation before the Family Law Court require an attorney who has experience in handling long Island Divorce Mediation. Attorneys who have handled numerous Divorce Mediation cases are often preferred over those who have not, because attorneys who have handled numerous cases know how the process works and have experience navigating it. In many cases, long Island Divorce Mediation requires the involvement of a family law judge who oversees the entire case and ensures that all necessary documentation is submitted to the court.

Divorce Mediation allows parties to work out the details and budget ahead of time before proceeding to court. In addition, couples who choose to participate in divorce mediation before going to court are more likely to receive a fair settlement than those who attempt to resolve their differences in the courtroom. Divorce Mediation allows parties to come together without being in the presence of attorneys and judges, allowing them to reach agreement about key issues without having to go to trial.

Many benefits come along with a long island Divorce Mediation. If you and your spouse are currently working on an agreement regarding various terms related to the dissolution of your marriage, the time during which this process takes place is crucial. By taking advantage of a Divorce Mediation in Long Island, you can achieve the necessary goal of ending your marital problems without spending time and money in a court of law.